Frequently asked questions

How do I download a quiz round?

To download a quiz you must: - Sign up as a member of David's Quiz Nights to access all of the quiz rounds. - Once signed up, select the 'Quiz Topics' page. - Select a category, where you will then be directed to a range of quiz rounds on the chosen category. - Any quiz rounds that are underlined are ready to be downloaded. - Click on a quiz round and it will download and open in a new window on your internet page. - The quiz is then yours! Save it to your desktop and have it ready to use for your quiz. - Ensure you click 'Keep source formatting' if you believe the PowerPoint presentation has not downloaded properly. - Download as many as you wish and comeback for more! - Don't forget all questions & answers come with animations so ensure you click 'slideshow' to get the best out of your quiz rounds.

What are the benefits of being a member of David's Quiz Nights?

What is DQN? - David's Quiz Nights will take the stress out of running a quiz. - Ready-made, visual and animated quiz rounds for you. - Choose and download as many quiz rounds required from a variety of topics. - Piece your downloaded quiz rounds together to form your quiz night. - Just £20 annual membership. Quiz rounds - PowerPoint presentations, equipped with animations and visual effects for both questions & answers. - Downloadable at the click of a button. - Fun, family-orientated and something for all. - New quiz rounds updated regularly.

Why can't I access the category pages?

- In order to access the category pages and download quiz rounds, you must sign up to be an annual member of 'David's Quiz Nights'. - It's just £20 for a year, giving you access to a wide variety of downloadable quiz rounds. - Why not sign up and give it a go?

How can I book DQN to host a quiz?

- 'David's Quiz Nights' is offering the opportunity to host and run a quiz night for you and your friends & family. - A personalized quiz presentation, resources and communication with the organiser will all be included. - This includes the running of social quiz nights: at schools, churches, village halls, or other venues suitable for the running of a quiz Cost - The average cost of hosting and running a quiz will be £100. - Extra costs will be dependent on the location of your quiz. - London & South East region only. Availability - Due to the current COVID-19 situation, bookings are not yet being taken. - Please contact to make an initial enquiry. - Please look for updates as to when bookings will be taken. - All bookings will be subject to availability.